Special gearboxes - Custom solutions

Special gearboxes are one of our specialities. Custom requirements require custom drive solutions. We remain with you every step of the way, from the definition of the task and the design process to the complete fabrication of a gearbox that is ideal for your application.

Custom special gearboxes

Custom special gearboxes

We can develop a fully tailored solution with a custom housing and connection dimensions

Spur gearboxes

Worm gearboxes

Bevel spur gearboxes

Variations of standard gearboxes

Variations of standard gearboxes

We can propose a custom solution based on our standard gearboxes and their combinations

Stainless steel gearboxes for the food industry

ATEX Gearboxes

Additional gearbox options

Custom special gearboxes

New tasks sometimes mean the development of completely new drive concepts. We develop and manufacture tailor-made special gearboxes precisely for these special application scenarios in mechanical engineering — working closely with you and without any red tape. Drive technology is often confronted with difficult conditions in the modern age, such as:

  • extremely tight installation spaces
  • high and/or extremely low environmental temperatures
  • compact drive units to control numerous functions
  • synchronisation of various machine stations
  • aggressive environmental conditions

Typical special gearboxes that are not based on our standard range include:

  • Spur gearboxes: Gearboxes with parallel driving and driven journals which are particularly suited for high torques and rotational speeds in small installation spaces.
  • Worm gearboxes: Our specially developed work gearboxes are used in all cases where high durability and transmission accuracy are required.
  • Bevel spur gearboxes: These gearboxes combine the advantages of a right-angled drive and output with the options of a spur/helical gearbox. Spiral bevel gearboxes are the right choice, especially for large hollow shaft diameters and high torques.
Variations of standard gearboxes

Gearboxes from our gearbox programme can be assembled in various versions and combined, allowing them configurations for a virtually unlimited number of application scenarios. Through additional options and adaptations, we offer you the ability to tailor our gearboxes to your specific needs:

  • Stainless steel gearboxes for the food industry: Depending on type, size, and transmission ratio, stainless steel versions of our gearboxes are also available for certain standard models, or can be custom-built. They are optimised for use in the food industry.
  • ATEX-Getriebe: We also offer some of our bevel gearbox models in an ATEX-certified version for use in explosion hazard areas. ATEX gearboxes by TANDLER comply with the regulations of EU Directive 2014/34/EU – Explosion protection for non-electric devices, within the specifications of II 2 G Ex h IIC T4 Gb and II 2 D Ex h IIIC T135°C Db.
  • Gearboxes for special operating conditions, e.g.
    • reinforced bearings that can withstand high radial or axial forces
    • special seals and lubricants for extreme environmental conditions
    • cooling options such as cooling fins, water cooling plates, or a recirculating oil lubrication system to reduce the operating temperature at high rotational speeds
  • Gearboxes with custom connection dimensions, e.g.
    • special journals with custom diameters or profiles
    • special flanges for accommodating motors, sensors, or units
    • customer-specific fastening options

Our design and manufacturing capabilities are diverse and flexible. We look forward to your enquiry.  

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