Bevel gear

Bevel gear: Straight-toothed, helical-toothed up to quality 3

A bevel gear is used at any point where torque and rotation need to be transferred at an angle. The advantage of straight-toothed bevel gears is their large workable tooth width. In special circumstances the toothing can be produced with extremely short outlets, for example in the case of interfering contours.

We mill our straight-toothed and helical-toothed bevel gears on a modern CNC machine, or plane them on Heidenreich & Harbeck machines. These hydraulic bevel gear planing machines, which form part of an almost forgotten production method, work by using both the in-feed procedure to create the tooth gaps and the hob procedure to create the flank profile. Our machines allow us to produce extremely small bevel gears from module 0.3 up to module 10. This means we can plane an axis angle of 10° to 180° from the conical spur gear to the face gear.

In the case of straight-toothed and helical-toothed bevel gears there is also the option of end processing using heat treatment. We attain toothing up to quality 3 (DIN 3965) using the tooth flank grinding method.

  Module Diameter
Straight bevel gear 0,3 -10 approx. 4 to 600 mm
Helical bevel gear 0,3 -10 approx. 4 to 600 mm
Bevel gear with ground tooth flanks
up to quality 3 (according to DIN 3965)
2 - 6 Partial bevel length approx. 50 mm up to 220 mm diameter
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