Spline shaft

Splined shaft - Also hardened on request

We manufacture splined hubs and splined shafts, and produce them with maximum precision. We can also supply the matching splined shaft connection – which may be hardened on request. These are perfect for use in mechanical engineering.

Splined shafts and their counterparts, splined hubs, form a connection that can be produced in the form of a slide connection or a pure coupling connection. Splined shaft connections are produced primarily according to DIN ISO 14. However, we also offer the following, older DIN standards: DIN 5461, DIN 5462, DIN 5463, DIN 5464, DIN 5471 and DIN 5472.

With spine shafts, a distinction is made between those that are self-centring – used when precise concentricity is required – and those that are flank-centring, used to cope with intermittent operation or alternating torques. We have numerous discs or hob cutters available for production or pre-processing before hardening. We have high-end grinding machines for fine processing, e.g. for precision fits. We can adapt your shaft to the prefabricated hub, or we can also sand the shaft and hub to stipulated fitting sizes. You can always be sure that a splined shaft connection from our company will be produced to a high level of precision and, on request, extremely clearance-free.

We have the following versions on offer

  • Profile milled, cleared, sanded: according to DIN 5480, 5462, 5463, 5471 and 5472
  • Splined shaft outer profile: Grinding lengths up to 2000 mm
  • Splined hub inner profile: Grinding lengths up to 300 mm

If you require manufacturing sizes please contact us directly.

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