Single stage planetary speed modulation gearbox PE2

TANDLER description: Single stage planetary speed modulation gearbox PE2

Single stage planetary speed modulation gearbox

The PE2 gearbox is the basic version of the speed modulation gearbox. The input and output are coaxial; the internal gear ratio is set to i = 3:1 due to its working principle. The modulation is induced by a second input in the form of a worm shaft, which rotates the ring gear surrounding the planetary gears. The backlash between the worm and the worm gear can be minimised and adjusted by the adjustable cam position of the worm.

Due to its small space requirement, the gearbox can be easily integrated and is a convenient way to ensure synchronisation, especially in machines with belt- or chain-driven parallel shafts. However, the gearbox can also be deployed in machines with coaxial inputs. In this case, several tasks can be implemented with just one gearbox: Speed reduction with simultaneous increases in torque, as well as absolutely precise controllability of the output speed via the additional input d3. This can be operated via a small stepper motor or even by a hand crank, for example. Flanges are also available as options for engine mounting.

In the standard version, the PE2 gearboxes are suitable for all control and phase offsets of outputs requiring precise synchronisation. The base gear ratio of the coaxial drive at i=n1:n2=3:1 or i=n2:n1=3:1 is a precise whole number.

Technical data

Ratios of shaft d1 i = n1:n2 = 3:1
Ratios of shaft d2 i = n2:n1 = 1:3
Ratios of shaft d3 i = n3:n2 = 135:1 and i = n3:n1 = 45:1
Gearbox size 7 gearbox sizes
Max. torque 2500 Nm
Max. speed at shaft d1 3000 min-1
Max. speed at shaft d3 3000 min-1
Input & output Coaxial

Using multi-start worm gears, the speed modulation ratio may be reduced.

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