Custom special gearboxes

Special gearboxes based on customer requirements

Special or customised gearboxes include all gearboxes that are not part of our standard range. These can be either variations of standard gearboxes or completely new developments based on customer requirements. Variations of standard gearboxes may include, for example:

  • With preparation for connecting a circulating oil lubrication system
  • Housing parts made of special material or special surface treatment
  • Input or output shafts with special profiles

Our great strength in the development of special gearboxes lies not only in our highly qualified design department but also in our production line with its almost 100% real net output. We can check, plan and modify every drawing, every component and every production step in advance. We also have direct access to heat treatment in our very own hardening plants. We are proud that we are able to operate independently in many different ways.

Just get in touch. Our engineers will be happy to give you advice and work in partnership with you to find the best possible drive solution for you.

Custom special gearboxes
Variations of standard gearboxes