Grinding: Insights into the grinding work of gear parts in our production

Grinding - Video

To achieve the highest surface quality and compliance with tight tolerances, we grind exterior, interior, profiles, centerings, flat surfaces, ...

Our grinding machines

  • Universal Studer S31 cylindrical grinding machine with high-precision C-axis for grinding polygons and non-circular workpieces
  • Glauchau SI 6 bore grinding machines
  • Geibel + Hotz FS 640 SD surface grinding machine

We can grind geometric shapes with our cylindrical grinding machine

Non-circular grinding. This is possible from TANDLER. Whether from a cylinder or pre-machined shapes.

Grinding of an hexagon - Video
Grinding of a triangle - Video
Grinding of an eccentric - Video
Grinding of a polygon - Video

In addition to internal and external cylindrical grinding, our universal grinding machine, the Studer S31, has the ability to grind geometric shapes. The C-axis which controls the workpiece is synchronised to the X-axis of the grinding wheel, closely controlled by sophisticated software.

When grinding the various geometric shapes, such as triangle or hexagon, the grinding wheel transfers the pre-programmed shape to the workpiece. So it is possible to generate alternative geometric forms from a cylindrical component in just one operation.

With external grinding, the geometric forms of eccentrics, slots, multiple sided shapes, polygons and free form shapes are possible. With internal grinding we can produce eliptical shapes and cam grooves.

Very high levels of accuracy are possible due to the very fine control of grinding wheel to workpiece.