Machinery: Take a short trip through our factory

The heart of our company has always been our production. High-quality machines from Klingelnberg, Richardon, Reishauer, Niles, Reform, MAG/FG, Hedelius, Studer, TRAUB, EMAG, etc. as far as the eye can see. You can see our competence for yourself during a tour through our production halls.

Turning - Seiger 800

Whether series production or one-off components – we have the correct lathe for all types of production – from traditional manual machines to the most modern multi-axis CNC turning centres with tool changers and automatic loading/unloading.


Milling - Hedelius Tiltenta

Our modern machining center with pallet loading system is the basis of our housing production – but of course we can do much more.


Gearing - G27 with robot

With our Klingelnberg Cyclo-palloid machines, we can hard cut the gear teeth to eliminate distortions caused by heat treatment.


Gear cutting - Richardon R 400 CNC

On our state of the art gear cutting machines we provide spiral and straight cut bevel gears, spur gears, helical gears and internal gears at the highest quality levels.

Gear cutting

Grinding - Struder S31

To achieve the highest surface quality and compliance with tight tolerances, we grind exterior, interior, profiles, centerings, flat surfaces, etc.


Gear flank grinding - Reishauer

All tooth flanks of our spiral bevel gears and helical gears are ground with the utmost care. With an internal grinding attachment with dressed profile grinding wheels we offer another quality feature to obtain the highest precision and transmission accuracy for spur gears.

Gear flank grinding


Assembly of TANDLER gearboxes.


Heat treatment

Our own hardening plant brings the most up to date science and technology to heat treatment.

Heat treatment

Quality control

All our products are subject to inspection during all phases of the production process and are carefully checked again before delivery.

Quality control