Gear wheels and geared parts

We are manufacturers of gear wheels and geared parts, which we can manufacture individually or in runs. Our production is carried out entirely in Germany and our in-house hardening plant ensures a 100% real net output.

We have been impressing our customers for 70 years with maximum quality and the highest level of precision in our production activities. In doing so, we rely on state-of-the-art special machinery from renowned manufacturers. We have made it our priority to keep to extremely small tolerances and to constantly optimise production through continuous quality control, research and development.

Spiral bevel gear

Bevel gears

Spiral bevel gears hard cut or ground.

Spiral bevel gear

Bevel gear

Spline shaft

Splined shaft and splined shaft connection

In the highest quality with ground spline profile.

Splined shaft

Splined shaft connection

Spur gear

Spur gear and helical gear

Hobbed, shaped and ground tooth profiles.

Spur gear and helical gear

Internal gear tooth



Worm gear

Other gears

Standard and special designs with ground worm profiles. Gear rack with milled or ground tooth profiles.

Worm gear

Gear rack

Racing gears

Racing gears

We are specialists in the production of tailor-made geared parts for classic cars and motor sports.

Racing gears

Sub-contract work

Sub-contract work

From individual operations to complete production.

Sub-contract work

Numerous industrial applications

Our gear wheels are used in numerous industrial fields, e.g. for wind power, mechanical engineering, shipping, research and development, aviation, power stations, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, construction machinery and commercial vehicles, food processing and fishing.

Customised manufacturing

  • Production according to customer requirements – no catalogue or warehouse goods!
  • All geared parts can be completely manufactured (KF) or partially machined (LA).

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