Spur gearboxes

Coaxial gearboxes

Coaxial gearboxes are gearboxes in which the input and output shafts are on the same rotational axis. These gearboxes are primarily used in servo applications, but can also be easily integrated into existing drive trains.

We offer different types of coaxial gearboxes:

Planetary P gearbox coaxial

Planetary gearboxes

This is probably the best-known coaxial gearbox whereby the planetary wheels and planetary carrier rotate around the central, driven sun wheel within a fixed internal gearing system. Our standard range includes various types of planetary gearboxes, which can also be enhanced with specialist options.

Single stage planetary speed modulation gearbox PE2

Speed modulation gearboxes

This is basically a planetary gear in which the ring gear can be rotated by means of a second input. This allows the basic rpm to be superimposed, i.e. the output shaft can be accelerated or decelerated relative to the rpm of the drive train. This means, for example, that individual machine parts can be synchronised or fine-tuned. More information about our speed modulation gearboxes.

Spur gearboxes coaxial

Spur gearboxes

These are typically parallel shaft gearboxes. However, it is also possible to design two-stage or multi-stage gearboxes as coaxial gearboxes if this is preferred. TANDLER designs and produces spur gearboxes individually according to the requirements of our customers.