Spline shaft connection

Spline shaft connection

Also hardened on request: splined shaft connection

We manufacture splined shaft profiles and toothed hubs along with the matching splined shaft connection. Hardened on request in our own hardening plant.

Splined shafts and their counterparts, splined hubs, form a connection that can be produced in the form of a slide connection or a pure coupling connection. In contrast to the splined shafts, the tappet for the splined shaft profile is designed either as a splined joint with serrations (DIN 5481) or as a splined joint with involutions (DIN 5480). While serration splines are generally flank-centred, involution splines can be made both flank-centred and externally-centred.

The advantage of the splined shaft connections is the large number of teeth. This allows extremely large or intermittent torques to be transferred. The large number of teeth also provides more scope for adjusting the connection. Due to the lower attenuation of the components, they can be produced with smaller diameters and shorter tooth widths.

We have the following versions on offer

  • Profile milled, cleared, ground: according to DIN 5480, 5462, 5463, 5471 and 5472
  • Splined shafts: according to DIN 5480 and 5482
  • Splined shafts and splined hubs in serration splines: according to DIN 5481

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