Sub-contract work

Engineering: Benefit from our experience

Not only are we a gear and gearbox manufacturer – we also consider ourselves to be a service provider. You decide which service we should provide for you: Do you only need to calculate your load capacity, or do you require a complete gearbox design with the option of in-house production? Benefit from the wealth of experience and creativity of our engineers and designers. We would be happy to share our expertise with you.

Dimensioning – Calculation

We can design gear components or complete gearboxes for you. You inform us of your wishes, provide us with the necessary technical information, and tell us of your limiting conditions. We take care of the rest and develop the best solution for you – always of course in close consultation with you. The optimum dimensioning of the individual components, especially the gearing parts, is of the highest importance so that durability, efficiency and transmission accuracy can be maximised. Naturally, the installation space available and, especially today, the lowest possible weight also play a decisive role. We are always striving to achieve the best for you.

Create drawings

We can also prepare production drawings for you on request. It is your choice whether you want us to produce the component(s) or gearbox(s), manufacture them yourself or have them produced elsewhere. We naturally recommend that you take advantage of our production facilities, since this is the only way to ensure that you get exactly what we have designed. It can also be beneficial in terms of costs if the drawings remain our property and we supply you with the complete package from the dimensioning and preparation of the drawings to the finished product.

Sample part testing

Are you not quite sure about the quality of a gear component you bought from another company? Are you having doubts about the selection of materials or the hardness? Would you like to have a gear component tested and receive a statement about its quality? Just get in touch with us, we will check and survey the corresponding component for you.

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Gearing - Klingelnberg G27 with robot
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