Heat treatment in the TANDLER hardening plant

Specific expertise in the heat treatment of toothed components

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Gear wheel hardening needs special care because of complex component geometries as well as the high requirements that are often encountered. We have acquired a great deal of component-specific expertise thanks to our many years of experience in the heat treatment of toothed components.

It is important to pay special attention to the batching process in order to keep changes in shapes and dimensions of the gears as low as possible during heat treatment. Optimal process control and choice of media also adds to the success of the heat treatment process. For example, during the case hardening process we only use a specially chosen salt as the cooling medium. When immersing batches heated to approx. 850°C into the liquid, vapour bubbles do not form on the surface of the cogwheels so that the heat is dissipated evenly and warping is kept to a minimum. For case hardening we use shaft furnaces of up to 1400 mm diameter and 2000 mm length.

Nitriding is another process we use to harden the surfaces of the cogged components. There are several different process variants here. This process is particularly suitable for highly warp-susceptible components due to the low process temperature. We have several shaft furnaces with diameters of up to 1100 mm and lengths of up to 3300 mm available for the different nitriding modalities, which include long-term gas nitriding, gas nitrocarburizing or Tan-Ox treatment.