Planetary gearbox with input shaft PL2

TANDLER description: ServoFoxx® planetary gearbox series PL2

Planetary gearbox with input shaft

Our planetary gearbox PL2 is also available without a motor flange and coupling. On the input side, there is an input shaft with key, otherwise the gearbox is identical to series PL2 FS. The planetary gear input shaft can be easily integrated into existing powertrains.

Technical data

Gearbox size 7 gearbox sizes available
Ratios One gear stage: 3:1 - 4:1 - 5:1 - 6:1 - 7:1 - 8:1 - 9:1 - 10: 1
Two gear stages: almost every ratio up to 100:1 is possible
Three gear stages: almost every ratio up to 1.000:1 is possible
Four gear stages: almost every ratio up to 10.000:1 is possible
Max. torque Up to 1.750 Nm
Max. speed Up to 3.000 min-1
Higher speeds on request
Backlash One stage 6' - Two stages 8'
Reduced backlash One stage 3' - Two stages 4'
Output shaft diameter From 19 to 55mm depending on the gearbox size
Input shaft diameter From11 to 24mm depending on the gearbox size

Also available with a motor flange and coupling, see ServoFoxx® planetary gearbox PL2 FS.

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