Additional gearbox options

Additional gearbox options

Variety of drive solutions

We offer you a wide range of options to tailor gearboxes ideally to your specific application scenarios. Here is a selection of options:

Options for gearboxes - Cooling ribs
Cooling ribs

Cooling fins which are screwed onto the housing. This version is ideal if the gearbox is mounted in a stream of air.

Options for gearboxes - Plates for water cooling
Plates for water cooling

Screw-on water cooling plates improve heat dissipation. Our aluminium cooling plates are equipped with connectors for water circulation.

Options for gearboxes - Circulation oil lubrication
Circulation oil lubrication

We recommend a recirculating oil lubrication system in case of extreme operating conditions such as high environmental temperatures or constant operation at high rotational speeds. In this version, depending on the installation point, we design the oil injection and outflow points to ensure optimal heat dissipation and reliable supply of all necessary lubrication points. The gearboxes are prepared in such a way that industry-standard cooling units are easy to connect. We can also deliver the entire cooling unit on request.

Options for gearboxes - Tenifer 30 NO Treatment
Tenifer 30 NO Treatment

Our hardening shop offers the Tenifer 30 NO process as a cost-effective alternative to blackening or varnishing. This process is used to create decorative black surfaces on steel or on cast iron components. But one advantage of the Tenifer 30 NO process compared to blackening is that the steel or the cast iron is made more corrosion-resistant at the same time.

Another possibilities:

  • Aluminium model: Lightweight construction is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. If the weight of a gearbox is crucial, our standard gearboxes can be ordered with aluminium housing components. This can save up to 40% on weight, depending on the size.
  • Nickel-plated version: Nickel-plated housing surfaces are another option for surface finishing and corrosion protection.
  • Reinforced bearings:
    • To accommodate increased radial forces (e.g. belt drives)
    • To accommodate increased axial forces (e.g. spindle drives)
    • To increase the transmissible nominal torque at low rotational speeds

We offer a solution for almost every application scenario in the field of drive technology. Contact us and describe your application scenario, and we will work with you to find the best solution for your specific application.

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