Premium bevel gears for your application

We specialise in the production of bevel gears and spiral bevel gears. The focus is on producing various sizes and shapes with an eye on economic factors and from a quantity of one item upwards.

Spiral bevel gear

Spiral bevel gear

Spiral bevel and hypoid gears, HPG-S or ground.

Spiral bevel gear

Bevel gear

Bevel gear

Straight-cut, planed and with ground tooth flanks.

Bevel gear



We have manufactured premium bevel gears made in Germany on behalf of our global customer base for decades. They are used in many areas, ranging from applications in print machinery, processing centres, packaging machines and even motor racing. Our experienced employees and excellent machinery ensure that even the highest quality standards are met. State-of-theart, company hardening shops add the finishing touches to this philosophy.

Every spiral bevel gear manufactured by Tandler begins with designing the gearing using KIMoS software by Klingelnberg. Special customer wishes are already taken into account at this stage. The target geometry is created once the gearing method has been selected and specific corrections are complete. The data compiled in this way is used throughout the manufacturing process. We use the proven palloid and cyclo-palloid gearing methods from Klingelnberg.

We can also draw on alternative gearing options where necessary, which are then manufactured according to the partial hobbing method. This method enables the creation of a conical tooth depth. Once hardening is complete, we grind the teeth on Klingelnberg’s high-precision machines from the G series to reduce the deviation in tooth shape to just a few μm. A Klingelnberg quality control loop supports the process and enables a reliable, precise and consistently reproducible production sequence.

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