Gear manufacturer, gearbox manufacturer and hardening plant

We are manufacturers of gears and gearboxes with maximum service life and precision

TANDLER Gearboxes

There is no getting around the potential of the gearbox wherever rotational movements have to be transmitted precisely and permanently. The fact that our gearbox series can be combined and your wishes taken into account means maximum flexibility

TANDLER Special gearboxes
Special gearboxes

We will support you during the development of your special gear unit right from the design drawing. The gears we manufacture will be specified individually according to your requirements. This can involve a custom-made design or a variation of our standard gearboxes.

Special gearboxes

We have been manufacturing gears and gear parts of the highest quality for 70 years now. We manufacture individually or in series entirely in Germany. We are able to offer a 100% real net output thanks to our in-house hardening plant.


Gears and gearboxes from Germany since 1949

As a family-owned company founded over 70 years ago in Bremen, we now have over 200 production specialists serving the global market.

In addition to our standard products, we are also specialised in the design and manufacture of small batch numbers according to individual customer requirements. In doing so, we can provide a 100% real net output – from design to heat treatment to grinding – everything at one location.

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Not only are we a gear and gearbox manufacturer – we also consider ourselves to be a service provider. Benefit from the wealth of experience and creativity of our engineers and designers.

TANDLER Hardening plant

TANDLER hardening plant

Heat Treatment of metal components has no room for compromise. The TANDLER hardening plants offer you a wide range of heat treatment processes.

TANDLER hardening plant
Racing gears

Racing gears

Whether it be for uprating gears or changing drive ratios for historic motorsport, or for providing spares where original components are no longer available, TANDLER produces new gear sets to meet their customer’s needs.

Racing gears

A tour through our manufacturing facilities

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Reasons for choosing TANDLER

Quality without compromise

Our gears are subjected to a quality control after each production step. We can ensure traceability and complete documentation.


You speak directly with our engineers and receive a product that is exactly tailored to your application. With a working style based on partnership and a flat hierarchy, we are fast and flexible.

Full vertical integration

We can perform all work steps, from the raw material to the finished product, in-house and are perfectly equipped for small series as well as for medium standard series production. Heat treatments are carried out in our own hardening plants.

State-of-the-art machinery

The machinery at our disposal includes 5-axis milling machines, CNC lathes with driven tools and Y-axis, toothing and profile grinding machines, as well as high-precision measuring technology.

Across all industries

TANDLER gears are used in all applications. Developed precisely for your individual requirements in the most diverse industries and under the most extreme conditions.


You find our representations over all six continents.