Ice cream for everybody!

Ice mobile

When there is something to celebrate, our colleagues often surprise us with culinary delicacies. This was also the case at the beginning of September: after the hot August, 6 employees got together and had an ice cream van come to the company.

The reason? They all celebrated their company anniversary. Together they are celebrating 190 years of company membership! Each of them has been with us for 25, 30 or 35 years. This is hard to believe in today's fast-moving times. Everything has accelerated in our society and there is a constant coming and going. Nevertheless, TANDLER has managed to provide a safe harbour for its employees, partners and customers. And there are no signs that this will change!

A really great action. There was a lot of enthusiasm, of course the ice cream was distributed in sections and in compliance with the required corona safety precautions. It was definitely delicious, especially our trainees were full of praise.

We would like to thank all those celebrating their anniversaries and are already looking forward to the next charming surprise at our company.

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