TANDLER Racing & Sponsoring

TANDLER Racing & Sponsoring

TANDLER in the automotive industry

TANDLER emerged as a supplier of bevel gears in the post-war period together with the automobile manufacturer Borgward. A total of approx. 2 million differential wheels were produced for Lloyd Motorenwerke.

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TANDLER Racing at Techno Classica
TANDLER Racing Drives

We exhibited at the world's largest trade fair for classic cars, the Techno Classica in Essen, for the first time in 2004, laying the foundation stone for the new TANDLER Racing Drives department. Our regular participation in trade fairs such as the Techno Classica, Bremen Classic and the Retro Classics in Stuttgart revealed to us how high the demand for gear parts in this sector really is. Partnerships with racing teams like Kremer Racing, the Scuderia M66, Daniel Schrey Racing and Scuderia Transaxle helped our reputation to spread throughout the scene. We have also enjoyed a longstanding partnership and friendship with Michael Küke, who successfully competes in circuit races and rallies in his classic TANDLER Porsche with its transverse drive.

TANDLER Racing Team
TANDLER Racing - Team

200 employees belong to Team TANDLER in total. Jörg Pohlmann is Team Manager and the go-to guy at TANDLER Racing Drives. He is the man in the know when it comes to old-timers and motor sports and will gladly advise you on how the components in your drive train can be produced or optimised. Visit our TANDLER Racing website. We are proud to be synonymous with high quality disc and bevel gear sets in the classic car and racing scene.

TANDLER racing products - Crown wheel and pinion set
TANDLER Racing - Products

Crown wheel and pinion sets are our speciality. We also manufacture a range of other gear and transmission parts as well: Pinions for differentials, gear or oil pump wheels. We are also not restricted to any particular make or model. TANDLER wheel sets can now be found almost everywhere, whether in old-timer tractors or in the prestigious Formula 1 Ferrari.

TANDLER Racing Sponsoring - Formula Student
TANDLER Racing - Sponsoring

Aside from old-timer racing, we do of course also count on the future: We support several Formula Student teams. Here, students from colleges and universities (approx. 600 worldwide) develop racing vehicles alongside their studies, doing this with great dedication and ambition so that they can participate in the competitions being held. We are always in the thick of things when providing advice and assistance with the development of gear parts and gearboxes, producing the parts and making them available to the teams.