Worm gear

Worm gear - For high transmission ratios, low speeds and high torques

Worm gears are mainly used for high transmission ratios, low speeds and high torques. The sliding motion is very high in this type of gearing.

Specific properties such as effectiveness or any self-inhibition must be taken into account during design in order to enjoy the benefits of this type of gearing. The materials used in the worm and the worm gear must be coordinated carefully.

In addition to the worm gears in our gear range, we also manufacture workpieces to suit customer specifications. We would gladly design the engineering parameters on your behalf.

  Mo­dule Dia­meter Shaft length
Pitch angle
Worm gear, spun 1 - 8 depen­ding on the module, approx. 10–105 mm up to 400 mm up to 15°
Worm gear, milled 1 - 10 approx. 10–320 mm up to 650 mm -
Worm gear, ground 1 - 10 approx. 10–320 mm up to 400 mm -

Pitch: 0.75–1000 mm

Of course, we test the pressure angle and pitch!

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