Racing gears

Racing gears: Bevel gear sets and gear parts for your classic car

TANDLER is unique in combining precision gearing systems of the highest quality with its passion for classic cars and motor sports. We are specialists in the production of tailor-made geared parts for classic cars and motor sports. We have our own independent department for this:

Crown wheel and pinion set
Crown wheel and pinion set

Our specialty. Our workshop with a virtually limitless real net output in combination with our expertise and experience enables us to reconfigure and manufacture bevel gears based on your samples. It is also possible to manufacture new products with a modified gear ratio, depending on the geometry. This can be done from an order quantity of just one.

>> Crown wheel and pinion set

Gear wheels

We are able to produce helical or straight toothed gear wheels or gear wheel pairs and gear shafts as per your sample. Gear ratio changes are also possible.


Gearing parts for engines
Gearing parts for engines

You can also count on us when it comes to motor engineering. Oil pump wheels or camshaft drives, for example, can be reproduced.

>> Gearing parts for engines

Brand specific gears

We can handle the new production of wheel sets for numerous car brands and models, such as Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, etc. We are not tied to any brand or type and always try to supply you with the very best product.

>> Brandspecific

Just tell us what you need. We are on hand to offer advice and assistance and would love to present you with the best solution for your classic model. Since we have a great passion for old-timers and motor sports ourselves, we know exactly what matters.

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Gearing - Klingelnberg G27 with robot
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