Tour of our production

As a manufacturer of gear tooth systems and gearboxes, production is naturally the nerve centre of our company. Join us on a tour of our facilities and experience our strengths at first hand. Watch how we work with machinery by prestigious manufacturers like Klingelnberg, Richardon, Reishauer, Niles, Reform, MAG/FG, Hedelius, Studer, TRAUB, EMAG, etc.

Tour of our production - Video

Production areas

Gear tooth systems

Here you will receive a brief glimpse into our various processes for manufacturing spiral bevel gears (palloid and cyclo-palloid systems) and spur gears. The tooth flanks are ground to achieve impeccable qualities. This eliminates errors due to machining and hardening distortion. We use highly precise machinery by Klingelnberg for these vital stages of work.

Bevel gear cutting Gear flank grinding for bevel gears Spur gear cutting Cutting spur gear flanks and profile grinding

Other production areas


Come with us on a tour of our grinding shop and learn about our precision machining of external profiles (e.g. polygons) as well as all bearing and shaft seal seats. We also grind the bores for our cogwheels and bevel gears, of course. Specially manufactured negative mounts are used for the latter, in which the wheels are clamped into the machine by robot and which ensure that the gear teeth match perfectly with the bore later on.

We mainly use machinery by Index Traub in our turning shop. At present, we operate 14 lathes by the premium manufacturer from Germany. Some of the machines come with the advantage of driven tools, which enable milling as well as just turning. This means that stages of work that previously required milling or drilling machines can now be completed directly in the turning shop for certain components. For this purpose, our machinery includes bar feeders (up to 65mm material diameter), counter-spindles for two-sided machining and a high-precision lathe for hard turning.

There are currently seven CNC machines operating in our milling shop. Three of them are state-of-the-art 5-axis machines that enable the production of virtually any conceivable geometric shape. This allows highly adaptable and agile responses to the needs of our customers. We are also able to rework hardened parts.

The TANDLER hardening shop evolved from its original industrial hardening plant, the TANDLER Zahnrad – und Getriebefabrik, and has now been operating as an independent enterprise on its own in the heat treatment of steel, aluminium and titanium for over 25 years. We cater for customers from various industrial sectors, such as mechanical engineering, agricultural engineering, medical technology and aviation. We are authorised to deal with aeronautical components by virtue of our QSF-A approval (quality assurance requirement).

Our services include case hardening, inductive hardening, various annealing processes and salt bath hardening, under a gas atmosphere or in a vacuum. We can also cater for a wide range of nitriding processes such as Tenifer QPQ, gas nitriding, gas nitrocarburising and our own "Tan-Ox" development.

Experience how our finished gearing parts are subjected to rigorous quality control down to the smallest detail in our hypermodern, air-conditioned test rooms. Among other things, we check the shape of the tooth flanks and issue suitable quality certificates or single-flank rolling logs. In other words: you can be absolutely certain that you will receive precisely what you need. Naturally, we can also check material composition and surface hardness etc. and identify damage like grinding burn or cracks early on. After all, only flawless parts deserve to leave our plant. We vouch for this with our name.