Spiral bevel gear

Spiral bevel gear with cyclo-palloid and palloid toothing

We produce spiral bevel gears (spiral bevel and hypoid gears) and have a range of gear systems on offer. Our spiral bevel gears are manufactured according to Klingelnberg’s well-known ‘continuous bevel gear generating procedure’. We offer both the palloid and the cyclo-palloid procedure and every single gear is made in our production in Bremen, Germany.

The special feature of the cyclo-palloid procedure is the two-piece cutter head. It enables us to manufacture using the dual-flank cut, which means that both flanks of the bevel gear are manufactured in one cut. The toothing maintains a constant tooth height and has an extended epicycloid as the flank longitudinal side. The bevel gears produced by this procedure are characterised by their resistance to deformations caused by stress.

The fundamental difference between the palloid procedure and the cyclo-palloid procedure is the tool used by the former. This is a bevel hob, also referred to as a ‘fir tree cutter’. Using the palloid procedure, we can produce spiral bevel gears with a constant tooth height and an involute as the flank longitudinal line. The feature that distinguishes palloid toothing from all other spiral bevel toothing is the constant thickness of the tooth and filleting across the tooth width.

Spiral bevel gears have become increasingly popular due to their high shifting capability under stress. For high speeds or if a little slackness is required, the hard peeling or sanding is carried out after the hardening process.

  Module Diameter
Spiral bevel gear with palloid toothing 1 - 6 up to approx. 300 mm
Spiral bevel gear with cyclo-palloid HPG-S toothing
up to quality 4 (according to DIN 3965)
1.25 - 12 approx. 25 - 640 mm
Spiral bevel gear with cyclo-palloid toothing and
ground tooth flanks up to quality 3–4 (according to DIN 3965)
approx. 2 - 12 up to approx. 600 mm
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