TANDLER Manufacturing

Full vertical integration

Our entire company is built on production. Thanks to our large, modern machinery and highly qualified employees we have the resources we need to achieve almost full vertical integration. Practically everything you get from us is "Made in Bremen". The only real exceptions are standard parts, such as bearings, seals and screws.

We saw, turn, mill, cut teeth, deburr, erode, grind, log, test, assemble, adjust... We can also provide heat treatments such as stress relief annealing, case hardening, nitriding, etc. at our in-house hardening shops. This makes us extremely flexible and allows us to complete anything from custom-made one-off products to small and medium-sized series in next to no time – starting with the consulting and design process right through to the finished product. The process is short and free of unnecessary bureaucracy. Enjoy all the benefits of a medium-sized company, including direct technical support from our engineers and a personal touch.

To find out more about our machinery and what we can do, visit: Manufacturing and machinery.

Our strength is your gain!