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High accuracy torque transmission, minimal backlash and high reliability are the defining characteristics of the TANDLER gearbox range. We offer an almost unlimited variety of gearbox combinations and variations, gearboxes with customised features and special gearboxes to meet your requirements.

Bevel gearbox

Bevel gearbox

Our high-precision bevel gearbox has low noise levels, is not susceptible to shocks, is highly resilient and space-saving. Available with hollow shaft, reinforced through shaft, hollow pinion and flange. Switching, disengaging and reversing versions also possible.
Bevel gearbox

Speed modulation gearbox

Speed modulation gearbox

High accuracy synchronisation and positioning made easy. The running speed can be superimposed by a third shaft in addition to the input and output.
Speed modulation gearbox

Servo gearbox

Servo gearbox

A combination of planetary and spiral bevel gearboxes, designed specifically for dynamic servo motors.
Servo gearboxes include:

Overview - Bevel gearboxes

Bevel gearbox standard version
Bevel gearbox with hollow shaft
Bevel gearbox with reinforced shaft
Bevel gearbox with hollow pinion
Bevel gearbox with flange
Switching gearbox
Disengaging bevel gearbox
Reversing bevel gearbox
Stainless steel gearbox
High performance gearbox

Overview - Speed modulation gearboxes

Speed modulation planetary bevel gearbox standard version


Planetary bevel speed modulation gearbox with reinforced shaft
SP2 switching and disengaging gearbox
Single stage planetary speed modulation gearbox PE2


Double-planetary speed modulation gearbox PD2/PDS
In-line bevel differential modulation gearbox KD


Overview - Servo gearboxes

Planetary gearbox standard version
Planetary gearbox with inout shaft
Cost-optimazed planetary gearbox P
Servo bevel gearbox standard versions
Servo bevel gearbox with flange and hollow shaft
Planetary bevel gearbox standard version
Planetary bevel gearbox with input shaft
Planetary bevel gearbox with hollow shaft
Bevel planetary gearbox standard version
Bevel planetary gearbox with input shaft
Hypoid gearbox standard version
Hypoid gearbox with robot flange
Hypoid gearbox with robot flange
Hypoid gearbox with robot flange and hollow shaft
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