Spare parts, repair & maintenance

Spare parts, repair & maintenance

Spare parts

Our gearboxes are particularly characterized by their extreme longevity. Nevertheless, if due to overload or failure of individual components due to wear, or the need to replace wearable items such as seals or bearings, then we will gladly make you an offer for the relevant spare parts.

No matter how old the gearbox is, we guarantee a full supply of spare parts – delivery time is dependent on whether the component is from stock or with the appropriate production time.


It doesn't matter how old your TANDLER gearbox is - we can provide you with repairs and complete overhauls for any of our gearboxes. You send us the gearbox and we will send you a free non-binding cost estimate. We will offer you a new gearbox if a repair is no longer worthwhile. TANDLER Gearboxes serviced by us receive the same guarantee on delivery as new gearboxes. We can also repair external gearboxes in-house, depending on the type.

Please send the gearboxes to be repaired along with a brief cover letter to the following address:

TANDLER Zahnrad- und Getriebefabrik GmbH & Co. KG
Kornstr. 297/301
28201 Bremen

As a matter of course repairs involve restoration and renewal of the seals, bearings and lubricant, as well as re-establishment of the proper tooth contact profile and tooth clearance. All other components are checked and damaged and worn components are replaced as necessary.


TANDLER gearboxes are known for their extremely long service life. Our motto is: “Fit and forget.” Even so, our gearboxes should still be checked and serviced at regular intervals. An oil change after a certain number of operating hours is mandatory, depending on the type of oil. It may also be necessary to replace worn parts such as seals and bearings after long periods of operation. Original parts and an appropriate lubricant can be purchased from us.

If you encounter any problems during maintenance, you can also send the gearboxes to us or we will send an employee to train your staff and/or carry out necessary maintenance operations directly on site.

Pick-up service

We would be happy to have your gearboxes for repair picked up by our forwarding agent and also ensure that the repaired gearboxes are delivered back to your incoming goods department. We'll handle everything so you will not have to do anything.

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