Internal gear tooth

Internal gear tooth - Maximum use of space with increased strength

Our gear wheels with internal toothing enable high torques to be transferred even under precise, almost clearance-free assembly conditions. Internal gear tooth systems are often used in planetary gearboxes, variable speed gearboxes or oil pumps.

We offer internal gearing as running gears and splines according to DIN 5480, DIN 5481 and DIN 5482. Depending on your requirements, we can draw on various machining processes, ranging from broaching and gear shaping to wire erosion and profile grinding.

  Module Diameter
Internal gear tooth 0,5 -10 approx. 25/30 to 900 mm (depending on the number of teeth and the module)

Smaller diameters can be produced with profiled broaches. Can also be produced in quality 6 (up to 450 mm).

Our high-precision internal gear tooth systems and ring gears are made possible through the use of various different procedures.

The tools have only a limited capability for universal use, especially in the shaping of internal gearing. This is why we keep a large number of tools and mountings in stock and use special software to check the rolling kinematics prior to each production order. We use tools made of specially selected materials and particular coatings to produce high-grade profiles.

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