Spur gear

Spur gear & helical gear

Spur gears for parallel drives

Spur gears are the most commonly used form of gear technology; they are often called cylindrical gears in university settings due to their shape. There has been considerable progress in the development of spur gearing over recent years. Aside from the rapidly rising accuracy requirements in a μm range, customers are demanding increasing numbers of flank corrections that need to be tailored specifically to the particular application situation.

We almost always use selected grinding processes for precision finishing after heat treatment in our in-house hardening shop. The final documentation is produced in coordination with our customers.

We use modern, universal machinery made by prestigious German and Swiss manufacturers for both production and quality control in order to implement these rigorous quality requirements. The machines are designed for the production of small runs with automatic loading or for single pieces. We keep a wide range of clamping devices and tools in stock for this purpose. Among our particular specialities is the reconstruction and redesign of sample parts.

  Module Dia­meter Helix angle
Spur gear, toothed 0,3 -10 approx. 8 - 800 mm optional
Spur gear, flank sanded
up to quality 4 (accor­ding to DIN 3962/67)
0,5 -15 approx. 10 - 800 mm 0° - 45°

Helical gears

Helical gears are a special form of spiral bevel gears in which the axes cross. The axis angle is usually 90°. Only a relatively low torque can be transmitted, as the helical gears only touch at one point during the rolling process. We often produce helical gears as power take-offs for older vehicles.

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