A gear factory with a manufactory feeling

A gearboxes fabric with manufactury feeling

Can a gearbox factory actually still feel like a gearbox manufacturer today? Indeed! A visit to our gear unit assembly department will give you the opportunity to see for yourself.

"If I should simply choose one thing that I enjoy doing, it is the freedom I have as a mechanic during the assembly" says one of our employees, who has been working at TANDLER for more than 20 years. "I get all parts of the gearboxes, know every detail and have a total overview." Every assembler has his own working area, where he completely assembles gearboxes in small series and thus processes entire orders on his own responsibility. For larger orders or for very complex special gearboxes, two or more fitters work together.

"At the end of this process unique pieces are created. Every gear unit is different and has its own specific purpose. I couldn't imagine how such high-quality gears could be built on an assembly line." This is exactly why it makes sense that the gearboxes and special gearboxes at TANDLER are usually assembled by individual assemblers. "Often our gearboxes are used inside machines where access to the different machine parts is not so easy. Our customers don't want to risk that a supposedly cheaper gear makes their life difficult during operation. Then they would rather invest in high quality and that is why they come to us".

Control in the assembly

"We also train our partners, for example from the USA, Brazil or Asia, who come to us in Bremen, in assembly, as this gives them the best insight into our working methods and allows them to experience the advantages of our gear units. The manual and individual way of working does not mean that we are slow. Quite the opposite: it means that we are flexible, customer-oriented and fast in implementing special solutions. Every visitor can experience this at first hand". Visitors are always welcome. It is guaranteed not the first time that our customers are enthusiastic about the vertical range of manufacture of our production after a tour of our factory.

Come to Bremen and see for yourself.

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